Glitter Dinosaurs

Repurposed plastic dinosaurs are all the rage lately, so when we scored a large bag of vintage plastic animals and dinosaurs at the thrift shop, I thought we’d glitter them. While most adults would probably use glitter spray paint, I’ve found Mod Podge and a jar of glitter make a more fun, involved craft for kids, without the perils of using spray paint. Because it involves small children and glitter, I’d recommend doing this project over a drop cloth or a surface that’s easy to sweep.




Small, platic dinosaurs or animals


Gloss Mod Podge

Paint brush

Something to use as a drying rack

1) Scrub your toys with a good dish soap to create a clean, oil-free surface for your glitter. (Kids love this part.) Let your animals dry before continuing.


2) Paint your dinosaur with Mod Podge. Encourage your child to cover the whole thing and use an appropriate amount of glue. If they don’t, that’s alright, too. The results will be interesting but it might take awhile to dry.


3) We do this over a box, so if my child uses too much glitter, I can simply pour it back into the jar. Over the box, hold the dinosaur by a narrow part and allow your child to cover it in glitter. Turn the dinosaur until the part you are not holding is completely covered or your child is satisfied with it. A smaller child might not be as thorough, but they will still likely be pleased with the result.

4) I used a mesh basket to dry our dinosaurs. A wire shelf or wax paper are also likely to work well. The drying time largely depends on how much glue was used. You can touch one gently to see if they are done.


5) When they are dry, ask your child to paint glue on to the part you held the dinosaur by. Add more glitter.

6) You can seal your dinosaur with a bit of Mod Podge when it is very dry. I recommend that an adult do this, very gently, using a sponge brush or the tip of your finger. Press it down, rather than brushing across it, or you will brush off the glitter. The Mod Podge is dry when it is clear and no longer milky.

These little guys are great for other art projects. We’ve used them to make tiny scenes, and to decorate gifts.

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