Birds in Eggs

After a few Easter eggs hunts, we had a lot of plastic eggs to deal with. We like to make crafts out of everything from boxes to sticks in our house, so a craft was the obvious choice. Our little Peanut loves chickens and little birds and cute eggs right now, so I looked through our stash of craft supplies and found something to make birds with- wool roving.

You can get wool roving online, at craft stores, or at specialty shops. It is used to spin and do various kinds of felting. This project involves felting.

Materials for wet felted bird bodies:

  • Wool roving
  • Water
  • Dish detergent
  • Dry washcloth or dish rag

Fill one bowl with plain water. Fill the other with water and a small bit of dish detergent.

Fluff out the wool roving by pulling the parallel fibers apart so it’s wispy. Dip you fingers in soapy water and wrap it around itself, forming a little lozenge shape. Add soapy water as needed, rolling the wool gently in your hands until it begins to matt together. You can rise it if it becomes too soapy or dry it with the cloth if it becomes too wet. If lumps or seams form, you can work it out eith your fingertips. If your child is doing this part, you may need to help them with it.
When you have your shape, rinse the soap out gently and allow it to dry. It might take a day so it would be good to plan ahead.

My little loved this process but he only made one viable bird. I had a stash made because I wasn’t sure how his first foray into felt making would go.

Materials for birds:

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Googly eyes, buttons, or beads
  • Felt for wings and beaks
  • Felted bird bodies

Cut out little wings and beaks for the birds.  If your child does it, it might be helpful to draw the shapes on the back of the felt for them, depending on their age and skill level.

Glue beaks, wings, and eyes to your bird bodies. Allow them to dry.

Lastly, this part is for an adult, hot glue the birds to the bottom of the eggs. If they are too tall, trim them from the bottom first.

My child really enjoyed this simple introduction to wet felting and picking out colors for his little birds. I love some of the bright color combinations he came up with.

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